Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two Friends: The Meme & The Writing Prompt

Ah...the meme.

Double Ah...the writing prompt.

I love both the meme and the writing prompt.

These two activities I participate in when it comes to blogging that has been a big part of my blog growth over this past year that I've been around.

It's been pivotal to my blogging.

If it were not for such memes as Pour Your Heart Out or writing prompts as Red Writing Hood or MamaKat's Pretty World Famous Writing Workshop  I would not be writing as much as I have been or having the constant interaction with other bloggers.  This has led to blog growth. 

These memes and writing prompts come in all shapes and sizes and have different purposes. The fun has been in being able to choose and share in a single interest with other bloggers who hold the same interest.

The fun also has been in being able to read and meet new bloggers who I otherwise may not have found in the blogosphere because there are so many of us bloggers out there.

Whenever I find myself at a loss of where to begin blogging, I participate in a meme or writing prompt.  Once I link my post in, I just start at the top of the linky list or if I choose to, the middle of the pack or with the person who has linked up before or after me.  Visiting these blogs has helped me to maintain the fresh blog relationships I've formed as well as help me start friendships with new bloggers.

The meme and writing prompt get me reading as well as writing.  It gets me connected with other bloggers.   Now I don't have masses of people coming over to visit but what I do have is consistent new visitors to my blog who end up following me or at least leave a comment when they stop by. And though in moments, I desire to get a whole slew of visitors and followers all the time, what I get instead are quality comments from thoughtful, supportive bloggers.


In this case quality trumps quantity.  

So hat's off to the meme and writing, both being the impetus of my blog growth this year.  You better believe I'm sticking to them,

This post is in conjunction with the Summer Blog Social being hosted by Jessica at Four Plus an Angel and Liz at Belle, Bean and a Chicago Dog.  Go visit and join in!