Best of B2B

The following posts - a few of my favorites and a few of which have received the most feedback - sums up what me and this blog is about: 

The Blogger
Feels A Little Like High School...
Two Friends: The Writing Prompt and The Meme
50/50: A Mother's Role?

The City Girl
Things That This Bronx Girl Holds Dear
What's In My Backyard??

The Writer 
What Kind of Plane Does A Rabbit Fly?
I Could Never Have Imagined
Found - A Handkerchief

The Photographer
A New Love
Looking Through A Fence
Signs of Spring

The Mama 
Butterscotch Babies: There's Beauty in the Mix
Stuck in the Land of P
My Baby is Crying...My Heart is Breaking...
Embracing Adversity

The Family 
First Soccer Game on A Warm Afternoon
California Dreamin'
Subway Love: Is It Genetic?