Monday, February 14, 2011

"Just Because I Love You" Day

On this Valentine's day or as our family likes to call it "Just Because I Love You" Day (borrowed from an episode of 'Team Umizoomi' - a Nick Jr. television show), because we remember and are grateful for the love that we have for each other.

A previous conversation:

The 5 year old, "Do you love me, Mommy?"

Me: "Yes, I love you."

The 5 year old, "Do you love me, Rhys?"

The 3 year old, "Yes, I love you, Noah. Do you love me, Daddy?"

The Dad: "Yes, I love you, Rhys. And I love Noah and Owen and Mommy..."

The 5 year old turns to the baby: " love me, Owen?" The baby just grins.

Me: "I think he does love you..."

The 3 year old, "And I love Chelsea the Cat..."

Me (to the cat) : "Hear that, Chelsea. Someone loves you. Aren't you lucky?" Of course, we all love her...but it's just that the 3 year old seems to always remember his love for her, in opposed to the rest of the family, who either is too preoccupied to remember we love her or doesn't quite know what loving his cat is all about yet (that would be the baby).

But that's one thing, hubby and I feel like we can do as people and as parents, love often and love well. If we're not successful at giving our kids anything else, it's the thing we want them to get from us. We want them to know that they are loved - just because, and for no other talent, quality or reason. That's one skill we would love to get the gold medal for. The one thing, if they have to choose one thing their parents did for them growing up that was successful, it was this - that we loved them well.

Which with our kiddos (and with each other), it's not that hard. Okay, most times it's not...

Here's wishing you the best "Just Because I Love You" Day ever.


  1. Awwww...I like your renaming of today. Makes it just *tad* less Hallmark-y, no?

  2. Happy Just Because I love YOu Day, Melanie!! I like the renaming. I too wish there was a medal for loving one another. Go and be an expert on that I want to say to Luke & Eli. I was thinking about that recently b/c I had a conversation w/ a friend who is older & was trying to tell me that the best thing I can give my boys is an education. When I tried to explain that the best I can give them is for them to feel loved, there was a puzzled look from her & I know she didn't quite get it or more like thought I was being too idealistic. "Love? of course but that won't get them a good career!" I could hear her almost saying to me.
    Thank you for reminding us and reaffirming that Love is enough.

  3. Sue,

    I totally agree! Absolutely!

  4. And we love you too!! Okay, not Chelsea so much, but the rest of you. (sorry, Chels, but you are the crankiest old cat ever) Great post, Mel.

  5. Vanesa,

    I know! It so easy to get caught up in the worldly things we can give our kids (education, knowledge, material things) - which some are great in and of themselves, but it's not the end all. Matt and I are realizing that more and more because we fall short in alot of areas.

  6. Thanks, Shari! And you know we have lots of love for you guys, and those crazy pugs of yours! (yes that includes Chandy, too!).

  7. "Love well and love often." Beautifully stated.

    Those homemade valentines are the best. Don't they just melt your heart?!

  8. How sweet. Love, and the knowledge of that love, is the best gift ever!

  9. I agree - Love well and love often - is the best. :-)

  10. That is incredibly sweet.

    We've seen that Umizoomi episode more times than I care to count. My daughter loves it.


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