Tuesday, August 6, 2013


"The following information will help you prepare your preteen to come to camp." 

This is the first sentence on the Kids Camp Guidelines form.

My preteen?  Preteen?

When did I become the mother of a preteen?

I have a preteen.

And I will be sending him off to sleep away camp for the first time ever, through our church.

For him, the first time ever being away from home.

Four nights up in the mountains.

My sensitive, moody boy who believes all things in life should be fair.  Must be fair.

My train loving transit kid.  

My little engineer who has to have things exactly the way he wants them.

My heart clenches.

I want him to have a good time.  The best time ever.

To grow and make new friends.  Maybe even find the BFF he has been longing for.

It will be the first time he'll be hanging with his peers for an extended period of time this summer.  It's been mostly hang time with his younger brothers.

I'm excited for that or should I be?

How will he do?

The unknown makes me and his Dad a little anxious.

But this is good.

For him and for us.

I've got insurance though.  Yes, his Dad will be working up at the camp as a counselor.  ;-)

Far enough away from him (Dad will be with the 5th grade group), yet still nearby.

Just in case.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer's Upon Us

Can't believe it's been over two months since my last post.

The summer started off with a bang - less than two weeks since school ended and we were off to Toronto, Canada for a wedding and then to my hometown of New York City with the boys solo.  Stayed in the home I grew up in back in the Bronx.  It has been about 8 years since I stayed there.

The old neighborhood looked the same yet smaller.  The subway cars the same.  Tons of time riding them back and forth much to my 8 year old's delight.

2 weeks in NY and back to Boulder near the end of June.

And then fourth of July and a few sick days for me, and then summer in Boulder.

A birthday bash of a weekend for the new 6 year old - our middle boy (see photo above)

and then summer really began in Boulder.

And now it is August.

In less than three weeks the boys will have their first day of school.

The Back-to-School Commercials have begun here in Colorado.

Nope.  Not ready for that yet.

Summer.  Summer.  My favorite season of the year.

And yet in moments, it doesn't feel like summer to me.

It's been more go-go than laid-back-feet-up-resting-on-a-chair.

More urban visits and less coastal visits.

Coastal visits, ocean views, beaches give me the summer feeling and haven't had an abundance of those, so maybe that's it.

It's been all good, though.

Not ready for it to end.

Nope, not at all.