About Me

Transplanted New Yorker living in Boulder, Colorado, I'm originally from New York City - Borough of the Bronx. Busy mama of 3 beautiful boys, let's just say "You can take the girl out of the city, but not the "city" out of the girl."

Originally from the borough of the Bronx, where I was born and raised, I moved to Manhattan in my twenties, married a man I met in church (believe it!) in my early thirties and have given birth to three beautiful boys by the age of forty.  Throughout it all I've been writing for years both fiction and screenwriting, honing my craft and putting it to good use. In addition, I've had a career in film/televison, before my first baby came along.  Add to that the role of wedding planner for about 25+ weddings. 

Right now, I'm in Boulder, CO, fulfilling my greatest role as a stay-at-home Mom as well as being the writer and completing a few writing projects in fiction and screenwriting.  Not to mention reviewing books for a national magazine.  It's a busy life but one that I'm grateful to have.  

Thanks for stopping by and visiting...