Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wrapped in Love

As you start in on another school heart is in my throat.

What will the year bring?

My special kid.  My sensitive boy.

You can bring tears to my eyes in both joy and frustration.

A thrill to be around for some.  A bit high maintenance for others.

Endearing to those who are patient.

Misunderstood by those who don't quite get you - at times, even by friends and family who are close to you.

But your sweetness still shines through.

That pureness of heart.

Your maturity is becoming evident, too.  It's a process.

Your love and loyalty knows no limits which is why your hurt, when rejected, runs deep.

Talkative.  Inquisitive.  Mischievious.  Dramatic.  Particular.

Needing that constant reassurance.  Needing to know that you are doing good.  That you are loved.

Here's wishing you:

A year of new discoveries, amazing knowledge,  sincere, connected friendships.

Positive reactions, positive vibes, the strength and maturity to handle the negative.

The integrity to do what is right and not follow the crowd.

As you walk through this year, know too, that you are not alone.

Your Dad and I are there with you every step of the way.  There's no need to really fear.

Because you are wrapped in our love.

And whatever else happens this year, that fact won't change.