Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Year...A Guest Post

The holidays were so amazing.  We were able to travel back to California - a road trip, with my Mom in tow - and spend time with my husband's family, complete with my boys' great grandma.  We spent Christmas Eve eating fondue and on Christmas Day, there were presents galore for the boys.  A little anxiety on behalf of The Parents was thrown in because we weren't sure how the 4 year old would like his gift from Santa since it wasn't exactly what he asked for -- but he was happy all the same.

Now I'm back and starting off the New Year with a sweet bang.  Just.Be.Enough  is absolutely one of my favorite blogs and I have the honor to be guest posting there today.  It's a place where both men and women share stories that celebrate the individuality in all of us, and encourages that the individuality is enough.  

So come over and visit.  I share about parenting  - a topic that's close to my heart since I'm in the midst of it, trying to figure it all out.

A huge and special  thanks to Elena and the contributors at Just.Be.Enough for giving me this opportunity to share.

Hope your holidays were amazing, too.  Happy New Year and wishing you a good 2012!

Of course, when you get a free moment, hop over to Just.Be.Enough and check my story along with the other wonderful stories that are being shared.

You'll be amazed and encouraged, I promise you.