Saturday, March 12, 2011

One Amazing Birthday Week...

More from my darling sons whom I've nicknamed "My Butterscotch Babies"...

Noah, Rhys & Owen: One Amazing Birthday Week...: "Last week was a BIG BIRTHDAY week. Noah turned 6 and Owen turned 1 on the same day: March 3rd. A Bowling Birthday Bash for the alm..."

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  1. Beautiful children.

    I know, you know, they are a slice of heaven on earth.

    Lucky woman.

    The other day in church, I saw a woman walking out with 3 sons.

    I turned to my 3 boys and said, "oh, look at how lucky that woman is...she has 3 sons!!"

    They all beamed and said, " have 3 sons!"

    I said, "that's what I said, look at that lucky woman."


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