Monday, March 21, 2011

A Home Day

Spring break is in session and I am excited for the break.  I don't have to drive anywhere today.  Wahoo!  The Bates Taxi Service is off this week.  Below is the result of the family, minus the husband, in-house:

In the moment, the 6 year old is testing out his new red Chuck Taylor's.   It's 10:22a and we are all home, minus the Husband who is predicted to have a long, stressful day.  It is Spring Break and I am glad of it.  It felt good not to wake up before 7.  The little things...

I just finished putting a shirt on the 3 year old and am trying to get back to fundraising for their school.   The 3 year old is now running around the family room, testing out his new black Chuck T's.  He's running particularly close to the crawling baby.

The baby is now at the cat's carrier playing with the door, swinging the door back and forth while the 6 year old is flying his superhero plane back and forth.  There's a crash between the 6 year old and the 3 year old.

"Guys, guys!" I say, drill sargeant-like.  "Be careful!"

They're running and flying again.

The baby is now grabbing onto my chair.  He wants up and I give him what he wants.  Now he's trying to grab a tall glass bottle from the shelf next to me.  We're wrestling.  Goodness, he's strong.
A couple minutes later he's back on the floor and he's going...It really is time for his nap and I will put him down, when I get the energy to get myself up out of this chair.  That's a hard one.

"Can you read this book to me?  Can you read this book to me?" That's the 3 year old.  And now the baby is going for the cat water bowl.

"I got him!" yells the 6 year old.  Thank goodness because I am not making it out of this chair fast enough.   The baby screeches and gives his Big Bro a look that says "You betrayed me."

As I carry the baby away, it goes on.

Yes, the first day of Spring Break today and the boys are all home -- running boys, crashing planes and one crawling baby getting into everything -- Nice.  It's good to be home.

A minute later: "Hey!  No, no, no, no!" Me to the baby as he goes for the cat's water bowl again.
" I got him!" My 6 year old yells running towards the little bugger.


  1. Our spring break isn't until April and I admit- I'm sort of dreading it. My kiddos get a little wild when they are all together w/o a break from each other!

  2. Shell - that's too funny. I know what you mean, though. Usually I dread any school breaks too. This time around not so much though because I don't have to drive around town today doing multiple kiddo pickups (my days are filled with this and it just makes me so tired at night), and that we're leaving in a couple of days to go on a trip. If we were 5 straight days at home -- I would be going nuts on day 3, for sure.


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