Monday, April 10, 2017

To Be Back...

The Boys Hiking Shanahan Ridge Trail

I have to admit. 

It was good to be back in Boulder this last week. 

It felt like we had never left. 

Like Dec. 31st, the day that we were last there

was like the day before we arrived this time on April 4th. 

Like we still lived there. 

It's like time stood still for us. 

For while we are in Washington, our view of Boulder and friends in it is a still one. 

Though time didn't stand still for all of our friends and acquaintances. 

It had been 4 months since we were last there

and alot has happened, there have been changes:

the boys' pals are taller, friends of mine are pregnant, 

new stores/restaurants have replaced old ones. 

Like where the Boulder Cafe used to be on Pearl Street in downtown Boulder

there stands a bank.  A bank!

Our poor beautiful Boulder cafe!


My world was rocked a little momentarily.

However, other things are the same. 

Like the Shanahan Ridge Trail above that we hiked one day. 

Walking it was like walking back in time. 

Doing what was familiar brought comfort and contentment

Reinforced the sense of "home" in our hearts.

Because Boulder is still home to us,  even as Seattle and its Eastside is becoming home to us.  

Our only regret:

the time there was so short! 

Not enough time to reintegrate for a long while. 

But we plan to make that up in July. 

Our hope: three weeks, at least. 

In a place that is still home to us.