Monday, October 11, 2010

A New Love

As a writer, I have an extreme love for words. They are my passion. Letters make me smile. Film is a close second.  I love seeing images on the big screen (and small screen).   My heart warms when I see the open credits of a movie. I can't help it.  I wait in anticipation to see what's coming up next.  I have a deep love and appreciation for both. 

Photos are great too.  I could look at photo albums all day -- mine's as well as other people's.     Recently, I have embarked upon a personal 365 photography project, an idea I stole from my dear friend Gina, at The Daily B.   Commit to taking one photo a day, for 365 days.  I'm not a photographer by any means, and was attracted to the idea because of how I could chronicle my year in photos, one day at a time.  And I was curious as to what kind of pictures would come from me - a little personal experiment.   What kind of eye do I have?  Do I even have one?

Well, to my huge surprise, as I embark on this project, I find that I am developing a deep love and appreciation for photos.  Like with words and moving pictures.  Who knew?  As I chase my kids around the house with the camera, I realize I am so excited.   I found a new love. 

Below are a few of my favorites from my 365 project -- I call them my "beautiful accidents" because there are days where I just luck out and get a cool photo:

Have you found a new "love"?   A hobby or task that just excites you?  Please share.  Would love to hear about it.


  1. I'm back! :-) Thanks for your sweet encouragement.

    These truly are beautiful photos of you. Maybe no accident?

  2. I love the pictures!

    My hobby is writing. I've always loved to do it. And I love to eat, but I guess that's not really a hobby...

  3. Great photos!

    Photography is my latest interest, too. I am doing a 365 project, and my photos aren't very good compared to the others I've seen, but I enjoy the process so much.

  4. Jennie,

    You are too kind. Thanks!

  5. Whispering Writer,

    Thanks! I really enjoyed taking them.

    And, wow, two hobbies we have in common - yes, I would consider eating a hobby. :-)) So glad you stopped by!


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