We’re below zero here today. It’s so cold that school districts around Colorado have closed their schools. Ours - the Boulder Valley School District - has followed suit so both my 5 year old and my 3 year old are home from school. It’s kind of like a snow day but moe because it’s a cold day.

Of course while I was in the midst of writing this, my 3 year old who is supposed to be napping, runs out of his room and to the table where my 5 year old is playing games on the computer. I’m in my bedroom wondering why he is out of his. He can only leave it if it’s for one reason: he needs to go potty. I leave my bedroom to ask him what is going on and no sooner do I say the word ‘potty’ he pees on himself. That familiar frustration sweeps through me and I can’t help but be annoyed. I really don’t want to be annoyed. The fact that he didn’t go straight to the bathroom is the primary source of my annoyance.

“You know better!” are the words that come out of my mouth. I know better too not to get too upset but then I do. Of course there were tears on his end and guilt mixed in with a little frustration on my end. My frustration aimed partly at myself for getting so upset at my child - especially this child who is the most happy-go-lucky child 95% of the time. I don’t want to do anything to ruin that joyful disposition of his.

He’s back in his room now - most likely sleeping. All is quiet on that side of the house as my 10 month old sleeps in his room (thank goodness!). My 5 year old is asleep in my bed across from me. All is quiet on this side of the house as well. A rarity. Thank you, God for these unexpected quiet moments. I’m tempted to unhook the phone. These quiet moments are too special to ruin.