Saturday, February 19, 2011

One Saturday...


I sit in the car, sipping on a white mocha and listening to classical music and I feel like this is the best thing ever. My shoulders are relaxed and I’m feeling good. I need to remember to give The Husband a hug when I get home for agreeing to let me have this time.

This is officially my writing time - I have set up a weekly schedule and I am beginning to put it into practice. Though, today, I ran behind for couple of reasons - late start, hubby needed to take a shower, a grocery errand run. It becomes very obvious to me that I need to plan better: have the breakfast groceries set the night before; get up earlier and leave the house earlier…

So this week the alloted 2 hours for writing will become 45 minutes. But I live and learn.

What this time alone is causing me to realize too is how important “me” time is. Just the difference an hour to myself makes - I’m a more alert and better Mama. I’ll need to talk to the husband about this. Set up a schedule. I believe he needs some “me” time to. It would make him a happier man and he deserves it. He does an amazing job taking care of his family.


Almost twelve hours and one classmate’s birthday party later, the highlights being that my 5 year old became excited over Skee-Ball. It reminded him of bowling and he couldn’t help but play it over and over, and the 3 year old burying his head in my husband’s jacket because he feared Chuck E. Cheese, the Mouse. He was looking over his shoulder the entire time we were at Chuck E Cheese, keeping an eye out for the giant mouse.

Now I sit here listening to the baby cry. It’s painful, moreso because I know he’s not feeling well. He’s congested, has a fever and most likely is finding it hard to sleep because it’s hard to breathe. Usually we let him cry it out but I’m not sure if I will hold to that tonight, as much as I want him to sleep on his own.

He just quieted down somewhat.

The hubby is on his iPad. We’re watching the history channel to his delight. I’m a little preoccupied with my birthday gift that my amazing mother bought me. I just opened the box she sent today. The Nook. What gets me giddy is all the discounted books I can download and have at my fingertips. The bookworm within me shouts for joy. Though, of course, the Nook will never take the place of an actual book in my mind and heart, I do love the convenience of being able to get a book almost instantly.


It was a good day. The older boys are sleeping soundly, exhausted. Here’s wishing the same for my sick little one. I think I’m going to go check on him now.

This is a day I had about two weeks ago. It is recorded in my 365 blog journal - a daily journal that I have been keeping to record those daily moments, thoughts and happenings. Feel free to visit.


  1. I love the idea of scheduled me-time.


    Right now, my me-time is cobbled out of my work day. Bah.


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