Monday, January 30, 2012

It's 4:30p...

I am not the greatest person after 4:30p.  See here

Waking up at 6:00 in the morning and going throughout the day -- the tired rushes in around 4:00p (there's another period around 12 noon if I'm working my brain on the computer in the mornings).  When that tiredness rushes's not pretty: impatience, low-tolerance, edginess.

The gabbing of the 6 year old doesn't seem so cheerful. 

The screams of the 22 month old is particularly sharp and almost unbearable. 

Strong, independent, childish opinions don't seem so admirable in the moment.

So I walk around -- trying to keep myself busy.  Goodness forbid if I sit.  The tiredness rushes in and the grouch comes out. 

I'm getting a little break from the kids in the moment.  They are elsewhere for the moment.  That helps.  However, I can't sit for long. 

I need to get up and move. 


Maybe I'll even get some coffee.  I try not to have too many cups in a day but I can't bring myself to do tea in the moment, so coffee it is. 

And onto the next project.

And maybe I'll take a couple of candids in between with the new camera. 

Unfortunately, the husband may be working late tonight so the hour and half before bedtime will be mine's alone. 

The toddler's pulling at me now. 


Time to get moving. 

Time for that coffee now.