Friday, January 20, 2012

Best Birthday Scoop Ever...

So today I turn forty-cough! That's just crazy because I don't feel a day over 29.  Truly.  Except when my kids have run me ragged and then I feel the opposite - yes, about 92.

However, it's turning out to be the best birthday ever...

Today I have the honor of being awarded The Best Scoop of the Week Award by my fellow Write On Edge writer, Stephanie over at The Scoop on Poop. Sweet!  She is an amazing writer,  blogger and stay at home mama of two who loves life and loves to laugh about it.  So definitely head on over to her place and pay her visit. 

And if  by chance is your first time here, welcome.  This blog, a continual work in progress, is representative of all aspects of me as a woman, a writer, a wife, a mother, and a city girl transplanted into an environment so unlike her roots that she has to blog about it.

Thanks for stopping by!