Sunday, December 18, 2011

Be Enough...Love...

As I live my life every day, mainly as wife to a wonderful husband and mother to three boys, my flaws make themselves known and how they are so hard to look it.

My imperfections glare at me.

The insecurity that fills me as I walk and live among other mothers, other women.

The frustration that creeps out as I deal with the challenging situations that crop up.

The impatience that rears its ugly head as I deal with the various temperaments of my kiddos.

The sharpness that comes from my tongue whenever I respond to situations and people.  Not to mention that sarcasm that laces my words when I talk to my children along with the snappish comebacks I give to my husband.

Not good.  Not good at all.

I am full of holes.

It humbles me and makes me realize how much I need my God for help and other people for advice.

These flaws show me where I can't ever boast about how great I am.

This is good.

It shows me that I am human and I need to accept those weaknesses in me along with my strengths.  That as I grow and try to be better, I am okay.

The way I am is who I am and that is enough.

These flaws help me focus on the things I do get right.

Like love.

Love I can do well.

The love for my husband and boys is fierce and strong and unwavering even in the tough times.

The love they have for me is unconditional and forgiving.

The love God has for me is beyond words.

Because of this I love and this love is my strength.

It's what I can give freely.

To all who are around me and to those far away - family, other moms, neighbors, friends.

Though I am flawed in all kinds of ways, this I can do.

And for me...this is enough.

Being me, with all my holes, is enough.

Because being able to love well and deeply makes it so.

Linking up with Just Be Enough this Monday which celebrates you just being you.