Friday, January 13, 2012

Flavor of the Month

She was the flavor of the month.  She knew it and didn't care.

It didn't matter that being Kyle Weston's girlfriends didn't last long.   She was his for the time being.

Kyle with the dark blue eyes and raven black wavy hair. His looks could be sinful or sweet depending on the smile he gave you.  Both smiles gave you butterflies.  Guaranteed.

Varsity quarterback and youngest son of the town's wealthiest family.  His sweet nature matched his looks but he couldn't commit.

His girlfriends came and went almost as fast as a revolving door.   However, the rich, aloof, well-mannered girls that were his type didn't mind.  Being on Kyle's arm meant everything.

Ruby.  Rich, strawberry blonde, she walked beside him down the hall, swaying prettily as he carried her designer backpack.

Her rosy lips smiled victorious as they walked by me while his beautiful full lips gave me a meaningful, sad smile.  Ruby chuckled.  She had caught his smile.  One of pity - she thought.

Me, Emma Lightfoot, with my rust colored skin and long, straight, dark hair - thick in its lushness.  My thin-rimmed glasses hid pretty expressive eyes.  Not pretty enough to be his flavor of any kind.  It didn't matter that I was smart and witty with a great sense of humor.

I was Native American and poor.  His family had their standards.

It was clear, though.

When he gazed at me from across the room at lunch later.

When I walked past his lunch table, and his hand reached out to caress mine softly.

When I walked to my old beat up white Ford pickup.  He had positioned himself within his little group of jock friends to face the parking lot.

I didn't look back but I knew he was watching me.

When I got in the driver's side and put my bag down, I sat for a moment and caressed the beautiful ring on my left ring finger.  It was made up of two strands of yellow gold intertwined and bordered on each side by a strand of white gold.

Kyle's flavors didn't get rings like this.

I looked up, out the driver's window and Kyle's eyes hit mine's.  Even when Ruby sauntered up to him and gave him a huge hug, his gaze remained locked to mine's.

It was very clear.

I was the true spice in Kyle's life.

This piece was inspired by a Red Writing Hood prompt from Write on Edge which asked that in four hundred words or less, write a piece based on the definition of the word "flavor".