Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Baby is Growing Up...

We pulled into a Sonic Burger place and parked.

"Can I get out?"  My 4 year old asks.

"Yes," My husband replies.

The 4 year old unbuckled himself and opened the door of the SUV and jumped out.

Say what???

"He's four," the Husband reminds me.

Okay, yes, I know, but like, when did that happen and why so fast?

When did he learn how to do that?  Not too long ago he was lying in his rear-facing car seat staring into a mirror wondering who that face was looking back at him.

Now he's looking in the rearview mirror back at me with a big grin while I'm driving.

"Hey Mom, Mom," he says.  "I'm going to make a machine that takes all the shots [as in vaccinations] of the world and makes them disappear so we don't have to get them."


"Mom, mom.  What would happen if a plane had no engine?  What would happen to it?"


My baby - my precious middle son - is growing up...

My heart clenches.