Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Not Ready...

School for my older boys starts in little over 2 and a half weeks.  And you know what?  I'm not quite ready for it to start yet.

I talked to a couple of parents yesterday and they and their kiddos are all ready to go back to school, inside I cringe.  

Me, not so much.  I am not that parent.  So not ready.

The oldest is starting 1st Grade and I haven't even began to hype up this very major milestone.  I'm just not ready for school to start yet.

When the back-to-school commercials come on TV, I turn away.

I want to continue with summer, keep the boys home and go out at our leisure.  I like simple schedules where we only have one thing to do a day, if we choose it.

We're on our own time.

And even if it means that I have all three boys with me ALL the time, it still feels better than having to  do the multiple school pickups every day, dealing with the school woes and school dilemmas - all of which can leave my brain scrambled by the end of the day.  

I like sleeping in and having the boys wake up when they are ready.  Even though they still wake up  early, at least it's at their leisure.   No prodding or poking to be awakened.

So yes, I confess, I'm not like most of you parents out there who are about ready for school to begin.

Not me.  No way.

What I am ready for?  

Another long vacation.