Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rockin' The Baby Pics!

So I'm Rockin' the Baby along with Shell over at Things I Can't Say...and I must say, my heart is melting as I post these pics...

This is the oldest at 3 days old lying on a king-size pillow that was way bigger than him. 

The middle son at 3 weeks old lounging on a hotel bed wearing a onesie to encourage his Daddy. 

The 3rd and youngest cheesing it up for the camera at 4 months old.  
Yes, he is wearing the same onesie his big bro is sporting in the above pic - 2 and 1/2 years later, of course.   We love encouraging the Daddy. love.  About to hop over to check out some other baby pics.  If the love continues to grow, I think I'm going to be in trouble.  Will I end up tapping the Hubby's shoulder?  Baby #4?


  1. Such little cuties!

    You can go for #4.

    I'm done with 3 boys, even though all these pics are giving me baby fever. I think I'll just find a newborn to hold- and then give back. ;)

  2. Thanks, Shell! I probably could go for #4, but won't. Hubby's not going for it, and honestly, I do want my body back, finally.

  3. Way cute pics. Love those snuggly sleepy baby ones! And the third little guy with his smile...adorable!

  4. Such cuties! I'm definitely done with three, but looking at baby pictures always makes me think maybe...:)

  5. Love the baby pics! Babies are so fun.

  6. Shell is causing baby fever. In 9-10 mos when there is a burst of babies in the blogosphere it's going to be hilarious. And all her fault! ;)

    Such cute lil ones you have. Love the onesie!


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