Saturday, April 6, 2013


Spring is here. 
Even though it depends from day-to-day here in Colorado. 

Spring and a whole host of chances 
for photo opportunities.  

I am joining in with Nurture Photography and their Spring 2013 Seasonal Photo Challenge series
through my photography blog. 
Wonderful for this photographer as I photograph my way through spring. 

I am excited to discover this season through my lens. 

A week ago, the family and I took a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico
but we couldn't forget our family tradition of coloring Easter Eggs with Easter just around the corner
even while away. 

So we colored eggs, in our hotel room. 

My three boys colored their eggs all kinds of wonderful yellows, oranges, pinks, purples and blues.

Including the special three: one with each of their names on it. 

And two days later, on Easter, after we returned home, there was an Easter egg hunt in our backyard.

One lone egg waiting for a little boy to find it.

A yellow egg  found by the 3 year old

And a yellow bat too which made him quickly forget about the yellow egg and the egg hunt altogether.

A wonderful time.