Saturday, April 13, 2013

In Search of Joy...

I realize what both my husband and I need is joy.  More joy.

To enjoy life more with the kids.  Cherish the moments instead of getting stressed out by them.

Today I had two fun, enjoyable events to go to.  I felt like I should have been more positive, more happy and yet my joy was tempered.

Tempered by what?

My husband at home sick with the three boys.

The house being a complete disaster.

The two tasks we have for church in the morning: serving breakfast and teaching the kids, the latter we are not completely prepared for.

The worry about tomorrow - will the husband be well enough to teach?  And if he is not, how will I convey the help I need? By the fact that there are several details to remember for tomorrow and I am afraid I am going to forget one of them and they are each important.

These worries are why I couldn't fully enjoy the baby shower I went to this afternoon, though I had fun.

I figured as I was driving from the baby shower, that I need to lean on God more.  Surrender.  A challenge for me and the husband since we're both by default self-reliant people.

And be 100% in the moment.

Don't worry about tomorrow.

Just focus on what's in front of me today and cherish.