Tuesday, April 9, 2013

PYHO: Yes, I Am A Christian But Do You Really Know Me?

Almost twenty years ago, I made a decision to make Jesus Lord of my Life.

To live my life for God to the fullest extent.

 It was one of the hardest decisions I ever made, especially after having grown up religious.

I had to throw off every religious, legalistic part of me and really embrace the message that Jesus was sending to the world.

Think with my heart and my head and count the cost of what it means to really live this way.

Hard work.  But one of the best decisions I've made in my life.

One of the wisest too.

Which I think is why it bothers me when I am viewed by people who don't quite know or kind of know me as a caricature because I am a Christian.  Mind you, these are people who already have a pre-conceived notions in their head about Christians and Christianity and what a Christian is.  Of course, it doesn't help when there are those who claim to be Christians who come across in certain, unappealing ways.

I  am not preachy, self-righteous, living high on the pedestal of my soap box (ick!)

Nor am I a mindless robot, following a philosophy blindly and without rational thought.

I am not weak and co-dependent, needing a crutch to lean on.

I am a critical thinker.

A human being just like you.

I married a man who lives the same way.  We are looking to teach our boys to be the best they can be in this world - strong, smart, tough, sweet, faithful, honest men of integrity and character where your word is your bond.  Where your "Yes" means "Yes" and your "No" means "No".

 I mess up.  I admit I do - sooo hard! - and I love God for being there for me when I do.

I am not trying to keep up with the religious Jones' or even with the leaders of my church or any church for that matter.  Or even with the hippest, latest philosophy trend.

I am just a woman who loves God and strives to live my life honestly and righteously with all those pesky flaws I possess.  They are glaring, believe me.  I see them every day.

I don't bible thump, I don't raise my hands, I don't judge others nor do I liked to be judged (but I don't have control of that  one, do I?)  :-)

I share my life.  I share my faith.  I share my words.  I share my love even in the most painful times when it is so hard to do so.

Being a Christian in this world is not easy.  Trust me, this is not me having a victim mentality or me complaining.  It's just a fact,  like being Black or being gay or heavy-set in this world is not easy, among other things.

Having those principles and living by them can lead to repercussions, some of which I don't understand.    But they are there.  And I have to continually remember that people come with all sorts of baggage and notions (religious and non-religious) so when they discover I'm a Christian, judgements are made.

I would love to be viewed as a human being who just has a deep love for God and is living her life His way.

I cringe at the Christian stereotypes.  Or being "typed"in general.

I am just Me.  Probably a lot like You.

Feel free to accept me for who I am, Christian and all.

Without judgement, please. (wink!)

And I promise I'll do the same with you, no matter who you are.

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