Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yes, It's Goldfish For Breakfast...

Dear Boys,

Yes, it's goldfish for breakfast today.

Goldfish of the cheddar variety.

I woke up this morning and found this house a mess.

Practically every room filled with clutter and junk and strewn clothes.

And it's messing with my mind.

And a Mommy with a messed up mind is not a very good Mommy.

So forget the eggs and bacon I usually make you.

Or the cereal I pour you - because we've run out of it.

(You boys inhale a box a day and I can't keep up.)

It's goldfish this morning.

Quick. Easy. Simple. Good.

I need all of the above so that I can at least get some cleaning done.

Get the rooms back into some decent order.

Sweep the rooms of the cheerio crumbs and toy/paper clutter so they won't be so messy anymore.

My mind needs to be a little more at ease... the body isn't stepping on sticky goo or kicking her toe on some random toy left on the floor.

So I can at least feel like the unexpected visitor can come in and I don't have to cringe inside at sticky fingerprints that are left on almost every door of this house.

And the visitor's bathroom...let's not even go there.

Or worry that I'm a bad mother because my kids are running through a house that looks like it's been hit by a fierce tornado.

Goldfish it is, then.


Yes,  yes, you can have a cup of milk with them.

But that's it.

And please, please try not to get any on the floor!


Pouring my heart out with Shell at Things I Can't Say.