Friday, June 1, 2012

Handle Your Worry

I am quite a bit emotional this morning.  
It started when I read the political news sites.  Why do I do this?  Now I'm feeling down, and coupled with another important incident that happened this morning, I'm feeling worried as well.  
Worried brings on a whole host of emotion.  I'm worried in the grand scheme of things.  What does God want for our lives now?  What if we jump into something and it's the wrong decision?  I truly believe that God can make things clear, there's always the worry that it won't match up to what we (I) want.  Even though God's decision is good for me, I worry I'm going to be unhappy.  

Which is ludicrous because I believe God always has our best interests at heart and being with Him means there's good all around.  It can be a tough life with him and a disciplined life but the results yield good stuff.
This I have a conviction about. 
And yet I worry still.  
Forgive me, Lord.
I'm now going to go make a cup of coffee (sprinkled with lots of cinnamon), maybe step outside and definitely pray some more through these emotions.
A cup of coffee is always good (especially when sprinkled with cinnamon).
Praying to God, infinitely better. 

How do you handle your worry?