Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Sweetness of Toddlerhood...

"Wook, Mommy!  I walk across grass with my shoes," he states proudly.

I look down at my two year old and my heart melts for that innocence that he is.

This is his world, pure and simple.

Getting to walk across grass in his shoes...

Getting to have food from the food trucks that are in our neighborhood today...

Getting a bag of Pirate Booty for a treat after spending 3 hours in the rec center while his brothers do gymnastics...

He wakes up happy and cheerful, loving the fact that he gets to go in the car with his brothers on our way to wherever we need to go that morning.

"Mommy, my garbage truck!" He grins, happy to have it - all his own.

"Mommy!  You have your juice like I have my juice!" He points out, happy that we get to share in the same thing.

The sweetness of toddlerhood.

As life becomes more complicated physically, mentally and emotionally for my older boys, I love, love the place my two year old brings me back to.

A simple, pure world.

One full of happy.

Where the simple things are enjoyed.

I need that world.

To punch back at the days of stress and complicatedness.

To bring me back to that...