Wednesday, November 2, 2011

While The Honey Is Away...


While you are away, I will take a deep breath and fully care for our three sons, ages 6, 4 and 1, meeting their every milk and snack demand which comes once every hour, a few times unwisely so, just because I will need a few moments of quiet and three yelling voices is not conducive to a joyful Mommy.

I will do the school drop-offs you usually do, though this newbie driver may bow out of driving in the most extreme snow conditions - like today, for instance. It's an unofficial snow day, by the way.  The boys aren't complaining and they should be at school tomorrow.  I hope.

I will pray for lots of patience and creativity.

I will read to them and pray with them before bed like you do, though I'll have only one brain cell left and will barely be able to concentrate.

I will endure the cries of "Daddy" from the 19 month old whenever we pass by the front door. "Daddy will be home soon" I will say about 100 times before next week.

I will try to avoid the doctor's office and any run-ins the law.  Thank goodness our car registration is up to date.

Though I get the whole bed to myself, I will miss the cuddling. The cat is trying to take your place.

Oh, I will try to remember to take care of the cat - though there's only so much my one brain cell can handle.

I will hope to have nutritious meals on the table for your sons, however we may be rocking the hotdogs alot.  And the mac n' cheese.  And the halloween candy.  Yes, seriously.  Feel free to cringe.

We will survive, I promise, and I will have the boys greeting you in one piece with all their fingers and toes and teeth and not so many bumps and bruises when you return in a week.

That's my hope, anyway.

Most importantly, while you are away, I will try not to miss you too much.

Okay, fat chance of that happening.  I am really missing you terribly right now.


In fact, when I'm done writing this, I will probably go and have a good, aching cry.   Ugh!

And then I will have some coffee and try to refocus.

Enjoy your trip, love, and I can't wait to see you again soon.