Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baby Happy

This past year and a half has been a good one.

 A sweet one.

And a stressful one.

We have been going through a financial storm of proportions that seem at times epic to us.

Life is filled with constant expenses,  alot at times of the necessary variety, and the husband and I trying to figure out how to creatively cover it all.

I understand now the deep effect money can have on marriages and family.

I marvel at my mother who raised me alone on one income while we lived in an expensive city. I realize the creative ways she kept me fed and clothed and even have figured out the ways in which she sacrificed for me.

This past year and a half, there were lots of moments when I felt like life wasn't good.

That this isn't a good time in our lives. Stressing over how we're going to make ends meet in moments makes this seem a dark period in our lives for me.

 I have cried in moments, even.

Then I remembered to pray, which helps a ton.

And then this happens.

And this.

Sweetness,  and this.

Oh gosh, and this!

Which makes me all happy and warm and fuzzy inside.

Just fills me with joy.

And makes me realize what a magical year and a half this has been.

This bright spot with the hazel eyes and chubby cheeks, with chubby belly to match.

Of course, there have been a whole bunch of other bright spots which include the husband and the two older boys - the beauty and blessing of the amazing family I get to have...

...but I get a daily dose of this baby happy, and it gives me perspective through the storm.

For sure, it does.