Thursday, October 13, 2011

Double Infinity

This is the continuation of Alex and Kayla's story.  It picks up from when we last saw them in Memory. Oh, and if you want to start from the beginning with these two you can find them here and here


Alex caressed that spot on Kayla's neck, the one with the tattoo of the "A" wrapped in a New Zealand Koru spiral, representing his love of the Maori culture.

He touched the same spot on his neck, his fingers softly caressing the "K" in script intertwined with honeysuckle.  That was Kayla with her favorite flower.

The deep blue ink still popped against her chocolate skin.  They had gotten these tattoos a mere month before the accident.  The "A" was the only one in addition to the double infinity on her right wrist that marked her body.  Alex had a matching one of that one too.

Double Infinity.  Twice forever.  That was how long they would love each other for.

"No more ink, Alex," she told him as her eyes watered with the stinging pain on her wrist.

"No more, baby.  I promise."  He  grinned, elated that she agreed to get the two.   The funny things love will make you do.

"You'll get more, though," she said.

She was right.  He would.  He had elaborate Maori designs on both upper arms and across his lower back.

"Your tramp stamp," she often teased.

He wouldn't be able to help but add to his current set.  But that "K" and the double infinity, those would remain his favorites.

He leaned in and kissed her on that spot on her neck, then laid his head on her sleeping form.  She was three months into the coma now.

He had only a few hours left before he needed to leave and be on set.

He took her right wrist in his hand and put it to his lips.

Twice forever, Kayla.  Remember that.  You just need to wake up, baby.  

Wake up. 

This piece is inspired by a prompt from Write on Edge which asks us to write a piece in which a tattoo figures prominently.