Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sans Kids

In a couple of weeks, the Husband and I will take a trip to Atlanta, Georgia.   Without kids.  He's speaking at a conference there.  It will be for three days.  This will be the first time ever both of us will be away from our Butterscotch Babies.     Their Grandma who is flying into town will be watching them.  

We haven't told the kids yet.  When we do, I'm sure there will be lots of whining and fussing and crying,  especially from the 6 year old.  So not looking forward to that.  He emotes like his mother.  If the weather were controlled by his feelings, we'll be standing in the middle of a thunderstorm in a few days.

But a little separation is good for them, no?  And us.  Especially me.

It will be strange.   To be out of their lives completely for three days.

Though I wholeheartedly trust The Grandma, I wonder what details she will forget.  Hopefully, she won't forget any of the kids in the flurry of school pickups and drop-offs.  She will be juggling three after all.  Honestly, I doubt she will forget any of the kids.

I hope.

I have major prepping to do - getting her familiar with our daily routine.  Just thinking about that exhausts me.   I don't normally think about how my day goes, it just goes.

I worry too that some incident will happen with one of the kids at school, mainly the 6 year old, and I won't be there to handle it.  I won't know if The Grandma would be able to do something about it.

When I tell people about my trip, I usually get "Ooh, days alone with your husband.  Nice!"  I nod but that part hasn't hit me yet.  I'm worried about being so far away from the baby.  My sweet - and lately, fussy baby.

I'm worried that I will be worried for the three days I'm away and therefore won't fully be able to enjoy this time that I will be completely alone with my husband (first time in seven years)  and visiting my family (whom I haven't seen in about eight years) in Atlanta.  

I guess this is the part where I need to trust.   Trust that things will be fine.

I'm sure when I return The Grandma will have it together more than I normally do and I'll have worried for naught.

I hope.


  1. It is so natural to worry, after all, no one can take care of your kids like you can. But you will have a wonderful time and although you will probably worry a time or two it will not diminish your enjoyment of some time to just be you and time with your hubs.

  2. I know this feeling. We are going for our first night away in a couple weeks (a friend's wedding), and I'm very torn. I know it's healthy, but I'm scared, and I'll miss the little guy.

    But we can do this. Solidarity!

  3. It's gonna be GREAT! Don't worry.

  4. I remember this feeling... it was so hard to be away... I hope you are able to enjoy yourself!


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