Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Milestones: First Day of School Ever

My 3 year old.

The youngest - my baby.

This photo - taken two weeks ago to this day.

He was on the way to the car when Mommy told him to turn around and smile for a picture.

I needed one to mark this very special milestone.

The First Day of School for this 3 year old Ever.

To him, it was a new adventure -- school, a new teacher, new things to do, being with new people.

To me, it is the end of an era -- of having baby/toddlers in my home, hanging onto my legs, going on walks with me.

And to me, it is the beginning of a new era - having independent time alone in the mornings.  Thinking for one, instead of two - at least for two and half hours, anyway.

With busy school activities filling in a few of the mornings in the last two weeks, it may take awhile for this new independence of mine to sink in but it's there.  It's there for me to use as I see fit.

I have to confess though - I do love it when the 3 year old runs out of school, backpack on and his arms open wide, with a big grin on his face, screaming "Mommy!"

I get to have my pal back and we get to spend a few hours alone together until it's time to get the big boys.