Friday, May 24, 2013


So it looks like Spring is here to stay (cross your fingers!) in this part of Colorado. 

April brought snow. 

May is bringing rain

and because of that we get to experience

a visual wonderland of beauty.  

Just several of my spring photo favorites 

from a spring that has come late this year 

(all from just last week!). 

I stepped outside my front door on a rain-washed morning 

and found these raindrops sitting atop blades of green grass. 

And outside on my back patio I marveled on the plant and what is to come 

(and the lush green grass in the background). 

On Mother's Day, took a walk down Pearl St., an outdoor promenade in downtown Boulder 

and found what I'd been longing to see these last few weeks. more flowers...

in all their orange, red and yellow glory. 


And down the next block, more in their purple majesty. 

The striped red and yellow flowers stood out in between, 

not wishing to be forgotten. 

And in their classic red beauty, these tulips.  

An array of beautiful colors.  

I couldn't ask for a better Mother's Day gift after all of our snow. 

I felt doubly blessed because the lens caught their vibrancy.  

No editing needed to be done.