Wednesday, January 2, 2013



This is my one word for 2013.

Cherish the day.

Cherish the moment.

Cherish the time with my husband.

Cherish the time with my kids.

Cherish the time with my darling cat, Chelsea.  She's getting up there in age.

And not just the times.

The people in my life.  My family.  My friends.  My neighbors.

And the places.  Where I live.  Boulder.

Those that I'll visit this year.  New York.  California. Chicago.  Possibly New Orleans.

Time flies and it seems to go by faster every day.  There can be some long days but some short years and I feel like last year was one of those short years.

Moving constantly, not stopping to see what's around me, soak in what's before me.  My biggest fault last year.

Last year flew and I could barely keep up, much less remember.

I am grateful for my photography where I am able to capture the moments of our lives.  Those moments helped me remember.

But I want more than that.  I just don't want to look back on some past photo.  I want to remember the moments because I was in the moment -- soaking it all in -- entrenched, surrounded.  Because my full focus - 100% was in it.  The photo can be a reminder but the memory will come from being completely in the moment.

In a world where time moves at lightning speed and where we are never promised tomorrow (my thoughts are on those families of the victims of the Connecticut school shooting).

That's my vow this year.


Fully cherish the moments, the times.

I will not allow myself to get too busy to soak it all in.

What a great way to jumpstart my New Year in blogging.
 I have to thank Nicole from Sisters from Another Mister for helping me jump back into it.  It's been hard lately to get started again ...and somehow, Nicole knew just the right way to help me begin again.  All it took was for me to start with one word.

So stop by and feel free to share your one word or just read others. 

Sisters from Another Mister