Friday, March 2, 2012


Picking up where we left off with Alex and Kayla...


"It was a rainy night in Dusseldorf..." 13 year old Cameron began.



"Dusseldorf, where's that?" Alex's dark eyebrows rose.

"Germany, Dad," Cameron answered, his eyes sparkling. 


Kayla laughed gazing at Cameron's boyish face, watching those blue-grey eyes sparkle.  He had eyes like his Dad.  Stormy. Turbulent. 

Kayla loved Alex's eyes.  Romantic. 

She looked over to Alex who grinned.  He knew exactly where Dusseldorf was. 

Alex's eyes met hers.  How could he not?

September 27. Last year.  They were both there. 

Walking through the narrow streets.  They had just had dinner and were holding hands, the wine still surging through her.  Alex held an umbrella up over them and kept leaning over, whispering sweet nothings in her ear...

"Hi, gorgeous're so sweet...and beautiful...and amazing..."

He blew into the side of her ear.

"My heart's racing, love..." he breathed, his New Zealand accent, thick.

Kayla grinned, both inside and out. 

"Stop," she breathed.

"Never," he whispered.  He gently kissed the space behind her ear.  "Sweet're my world, you know?"

"Oh, I thought it was your acting career." She turned and her lips met his in a soft kiss.  He kissed her again. 

She smiled. "I feel raindrops, Alex?"

"Ooh..."  He adjusted the umbrella he was holding over their heads and leaned in.

"Don't," she pulled away.  "We're in public by the way."

"In plain sight.  Luckily no one recognizes us."

"You never know where the papparazzi can hide."

"I don't care if they snap a picture of me kissing you," He leaned in again.

The umbrella he held wobbled again as he leaned into kiss her again.

"Sweet Alex.  Later."

The smile on his face was silly.  His eyes sweet and adorable.  She relished the moment. 

She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. 

She opened them again a moment later and was surrounded in darkness. 


The same darkness that was always with her.  The carried her through endless time and space. 


She wanted to hold on to this moment.  She wished to look into those eyes again.

No, No, No, Alex!

She had to see him.  

She pushed, trying to force her eyelids open.

"Kayla?  Sweetheart.  Kayla!"  Alex's voice.  Desperate.

I'm trying Alex, I'm trying.

She pushed hard.  All her might.  Through the darkness.

Her brain felt like it was one minute from exploding.

"Kayla!  Oh my...oh my..Kayla!" Alex's voice cracked above her.

The light stung.  Blinded.  She didn't care.  She pushed further.  

Oh, the light hurt so much yet she continued forcing her eyelids to open.

"Kayla," Alex breathed quietly. "Kayla, baby.  Baby.  You're waking up.  Don't stop.  Keep pushing."

She blinked rapidly.

The light filled haze in front of her was beginning to disappear.

"Oh Kayla," Alex breathed again, his heart filling each word.

Sweet happiness enveloped her.

She was looking into stormy blue-grey eyes. 

She got her wish.

This piece of  fiction is inspired by a prompt at Write on Edge that asks the writer to write a story starting with the following opening line "It was a rainy night in Dusseldorf..."