Monday, December 29, 2014

This Holiday Season

The Christmas/holiday season is here.

Though Christmas Day has come and gone, we are in the middle of a two week holiday break and I am embracing it so much that I don't want to let it go.

In fact, I am wishing that I could add an additional week since I know this second week will just zoom by.

I love breaks.

Now this could mean that I am lazy at heart and love lounging around and not dealing with my worldly responsibilities (i.e. bills, kid activities, appointments, etc.) and not going really anywhere...

Or it could mean that I love the balance that a break brings to my life when put up against the everyday busyness that can be my life.

I like to think that the latter is true.

It has been a good holiday season so far.  We had family in town - still have one: my mother, - and it was good to have a holiday with them and the kids.  In fact, the four year-old bawled when his aunt left on Saturday.

My three boys are social beings and they love their family.

Even though they ignored the adults for about 70% of that time, they relished in their presence.  It was comforting to them and so were the little mini routines that started with the family being here: the meal times together - we actually sat around the table every day of the week that the family was here, - the hugs to each one before they went to bed.

The photo above of the boys (taken a few weeks earlier) says it all, expressing the happiness of the holiday season for me so well.

It was a good time that came to an end pretty quickly.

Like this next week will, I'm sure.

But kudos to this holiday season that is bringing us joy and a balance.

I'm so not ready for it to end yet.  Can I have another week, please?


So was your holiday a break for you? Or not?

Feel free to share because this Bronx girl would love to hear your thoughts.