Friday, August 22, 2014

First Day of School (aka "Summer Break is Over!")

Yesterday, the new 4th grader (on your left) and 2nd grader (on your right)
had their first day of school.  
(Goodness grief, they are growing up so fast!)

I still can't get used to August school starts having grown up starting school in September. 

The first day of school ends our  wonderful summer break. 

I'm excited for the boys but sad that our break is over.  

I was missing both of them with a fierceness yesterday.  I had grown so used to them being around during the day with their Xbox game playing and their Lego building of towns and stadiums whose names they made up.   

Their presence was comfortable and reassuring 
(even with the moments of shouting, yelling and bickering). 


However, I still have this little guy below.  The 4 year old. 

He doesn't start preschool until September 2nd 
so I am not completely alone for at least a week and a half. 

"It's Mommy and me time!" he shouts to his brothers yesterday.  

Yes, yes it is. 

He was eager to get home yesterday and today so that we could have our home alone time, just me & him. 

And I am going to soak it up as much as I can
in the midst of my grownup responsibilities. 

September 2nd can just take its time coming around.