Thursday, June 12, 2014

Here's To Summer Break!

At 7 this morning, the 9 year old and the 6 year old, along with the husband (aka "camp counselor") left to go away for four days to a sleep-away camp hosted by our church, which left me thinking:  

Summer break is actually here.  

Hello.  That was fast.  Where did Spring go?  

Okay, I am going to stop myself before making a comment about how quickly time has gone by (as I often do when I blog). 

Summer break has started and it feels good. 

Feels good not to have to wake up at dawn to get the boys to the school bus on time.  Sleeping in is definitely underrated. 

Summer break for me is a chance to reset. 

Begin again.   Start anew. 

It is balance - a chance to relax from the crazy, busy school year. 

It is a chance to step back and refocus on those tasks that have gotten away from me:

Cleaning out the garage
Cleaning/Reorganizing the house
My photography 
My blogging

And give even more focus to those things that I have been doing:

Spending quality time with my family

So I say, here's to summer!  

To several fun trips, soccer and baseball and  lacrosse for the boys, softball games for my husband, more photography and blogging and of course writing for me 

And most importantly to a good amount of fun, relaxing days spent together as a family...

Because there are about 80 days of summer vacation (at least here in Boulder) and that will just fly by in what will feel like the blink of an eye...

And I will stop here before I start rambling about how fast time flies. 

Enjoy summer!