Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PYHO: California


Here I come.  I can't wait to see go on this road trip with my four fellows (the husband and three boys).

To see your sunshine.  To feel the sand between my toes as we walk on the beach. To breathe in the salty air.  To watch the ocean tide come in and go out as the water slaps against the shore.  To just look out at the endless, endless ocean.

To see the amazement on my three little boys' faces as they plunge their hands in the sand again and watch the waves roll over their feet.

To see family that we only get to see a couple of times a year.

You give this to me, California.

No offense, Colorado.  You are beautiful too.  But you are home, and right now home is filled with stress, and bills, and things that need to get done before a certain time.  The busyness of life.

I love our life here in Colorado.  I just need a mental break.

And with California - as we visit L.A. and Bakersfield and Santa Barbara - my brain will be free of bills and deadlines and appointments and messy houses.

My brain and body will be free to just relax and meditate and take in the pleasures of a good baseball game on 4th of July weekend and a calm, quiet night on the beach with just my hubby as we continue to celebrate 10 years together, along with the happy hugs from family and the visit with our boys' fiesty great-grandma.

I'm brimming with excitement to be heading out, which is tempered of course, by all the prepping I have to do to get this family ready for our road trip.


But California, we'll be on our way soon, to see you.  Yes!  My eye is on the prize and that keeps me pushing through the tediousness of preparation.

In-N-Out Burger here we come.


  1. Sounds like you really need this break! Wishing you an even more fabulous time than you are imagining :)

  2. Stephanie,

    Can you tell? :-))) Thanks for your well wishes. I'm hoping too for a fabulous time. Here's hoping I'm not setting my expectations too high...

  3. It's so fabulous to be able to take this break! You sound so excited!

  4. You sound super excited!! I hope you have a great, fun and RELAXING time :-)

  5. We are out to Cali next week to do the whole coastal drive and stay in yurts! Have a wonderful time!


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