Thursday, May 19, 2011

Can I Come Out Now?

It is 6:08p and I'm waiting for The Husband to get home.

My 3 year old has been screaming for the last three minutes, repeatedly, "Mom, can I come out now? Can I come out now?"

No, I think.  Not until your father comes home.  More for my sanity than for your punishment.  I can't handle two tackling boys who refuse to obey right now.  I'm thinking I'll handle that better when your father gets home.  Or at least he can handle it.  Even though he is sick.  Poor thing.  

So in your room is where you will stay.  It's safe.  It's quiet.  I know it's without your brother - which is like punishment to you - but so be it.  You'll see him in about ten minutes when your father gets home.  

There's a minute of silence from the 3 year old, and then he begins again, "Can I come out now?"

I shake my head.

No, I think.  Don't think I can do it.  These feet aren't moving.  I am sure they will move when your father gets home.  Right now they will remain still. 

Look, see.  You're quiet again.  Your brother is too.  

This is good. 

"Can I come out now?  Can I come out now?"  It begins again. the baby is screeching, joining in your intense chorus.  Lovely.

Just lovely.

Daddy walks in, closing the front door behind him. 

"Daddy!  Can I come out now?"



  1. I've often thought that the timeout was more for me than for him. Because sometimes I just need a minute to collect myself. And to clean the mess without his help.

    Hang in there. Hope the rest of the day went ok!

  2. It did! Daddy came home and took over. Some quiet minutes alone for me and dinner for the boys and we were all good. :-))

  3. Hahahaa, this is great. Thanks for the chuckle. I am not a mom but I feel your pain. And I agree with MT, timeouts are probably more for the parents!

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  5. Sorry, had to re-post. Good to have those moments of solitude!


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