Sunday, June 20, 2010

Subway Love - Is it Genetic?

While watching t.v., a shot of a NYC subway train came on and both my oldest and middle sons (5 years old and 2 years old, respectively) screeched "Subway Train!" to which my husband replied: "That's the "R" train." The boys screeched again in excitement. They wanted to see the subway train again. We hit reverse, then pause on the remote and the boys just stared at the frozen train in fascination which made this Bronx girl's heart turn to mush. They knew the R train, and the N train, as well as most of the other NYC train lines.

The fascination with the NYC subway line began about a year ago for these boys, maybe a bit longer for my oldest. It started with the number 4 train -- which they were introduced to while we were visiting NYC over a year ago, and it has grown since which is wild since we haven't been back to NYC since then. From the 4 train to the D train to the B and it goes on. It really does give them great joy to see the subway trains racing along their tracks. The last subway sighting on t.v. was when the NY Yankees were playing the NY Mets in a recent Subway series...ESPN showed a good amount of footage of both the #4 and #7 trains racing along their tracks. Talk about much joy to be had all around the house by both the boys and yours truly. The subway trains are a cherished memory for this native NYC girl now living in Colorado.

I had the same joy while growing up in The Bronx. I always felt a little rush or high whenever I saw the #4 train speeding by on its elevated line. There was a park right in front of the elevated line and whenever my Mom took me and I got on the swings, I would pump even harder to go higher as the #4 train went speeding by. It was exhilarating. I was too lady like to scream out loud, of course, but watching the boys react now, I remember feeling the same excitement as I watched the trains go by.

The closest these boys come to a subway on a daily basis in Boulder is the bus, and when we're in Denver, the light rail -- which excites them too but not like the NYC subway train. There's nothing like a NYC subway train for them.

Is it genetic or just a love of trains moving fast? Hmmm...this city girl would like to think it's the former.